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Why Study the 16 Guidelines for a happy life?

Taken as a whole, and brought together with a range of methodologies that include mindfulness, cognitive techniques and the creative arts, the Guidelines offer a powerful yet accessible route to enjoying a happy life.
Some of the Guidelines, such as kindness, generosity and courage, are so familiar that there can be a tendency to take them for granted. Others, such as right speech, forgiveness and loyalty present complex challenges in contemporary society, and deserve deeper examination. Many of the Guidelines, such as patience, gratitude and service, are illuminated by recent scientific findings that demonstrate how they can help us develop strength and resilience.
Through attending a 16G workshop you will discover that the 16G are more than just words or ideas: they provide inspiration for taking action in all kinds of ways to benefit yourself and the people around you, and to make a positive contribution to your community and environment.

Overview of workshops

If you would like to explore and experience  the 16 Guidelines in depth there are three levels of workshop for you to engage with.

Level 1: Introduction to the Guidelines

A workshop that includes 12 hours of study, in which we will get to know the philosophical basis of the 16 guidelines and learn them and the four topics of wisdom. We will establish the practice of meditation and attentive attention, we will receive practical tools for dealing with life's challenges and we will get to know tools for personal inquiry.

Building On the Basics (BoB): Level 1 Follow-Up Course

A series of two-hour weekly study sessions, typically occurring after completion of Phase 1, for 10 weeks. This is a great opportunity to assimilate and deepen the investigation of the 16 guidelines and their application in daily life, through weekly worksheets, a community project, a framework for practicing attentive attention and more.

Level 2: Applying the 16 Guidelines for Life: Tools, Methods and Practice

A workshop that includes 12 hours of study, open to those who participated in Phase 1 and the BOB phase, which offers another extension that leads to happiness and meaning in our lives by exploring the methods and tools for sharing the 16 guidelines with other people in our environment.

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