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Building on the Basics

What is a BoB?

A BoB is a series of follow-on study sessions that has been designed to commence shortly after a 16G Level 1 workshop, providing participants with an opportunity to integrate their experience and understanding of the 16G into everyday life. Experience has shown that this is also a very helpful way to enjoy ongoing support and a sense of the 16G community.
Completing a BoB is a necessary intermediate step to attending a 16G Level 2 workshop. You will need to attend a minimum of 8 out of the 10 BoB sessions.

What does a BoB provide?

Led by a 16G facilitator, a BoB will provide:

  • Weekly home-study work sheets [a commitment of ten minutes each day]

  • Support and weekly set-aside time to design and implement a joint community project inspired by the 16G

  • Encouragement and a framework to continue practicing the skill of mindfulness

  • Additional deepening practice using the reflections, experiential tools and creative activities that provide the foundation for personal exploration and understanding of the 16 Guidelines and the Four Wisdom Themes

  • Small group and full group discussions to share ideas and understanding

When do BoB take place, and how do I register?

A BoB usually begins shortly after the end of a Level 1 workshop.
If a BoB is already in place, your Level 1 facilitator will provide more information, give you the opportunity to register, and ensure that all the practical arrangements are in place.
If no BoB is yet in place, your Level 1 facilitator will be able to discuss alternative options with you.

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