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Level 1

What is a 16G Level 1 workshop?

16G Level 1 is suitable for anyone aged 16 and upwards who is open, interested and motivated to reflect on and improve their own lives and the lives of the people around them.
Since the workshops first began in 2008, over 2500 people worldwide have taken part in a 16G Level 1 workshop. It is a lively, engaging, enjoyable and sometimes challenging experience that may touch you profoundly without seeming heavy or intense. It is also the necessary first step to attending further 16G workshops.

What does a Level 1 provide?

Led by an experienced, trained and accredited 16G facilitator, a Level 1 workshop will provide:
●    An introduction to the philosophical foundations of the 16G
●    An introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness, which is considered fundamental to success in implementing the 16G in your life
●    An introduction to the reflections, experiential tools and creative activities that provide a foundation for personal exploration and understanding of the 16G and the Four Wisdom Themes
●    Small group and full group discussions to share ideas and understanding

When do Level 1 workshops take place, and how do I register?

Level 1 workshops are held in many countries throughout the world. To register for a course in Israel, check out the list of the upcoming workshops.
If there is no Level 1 taking place in your area, you can consider hosting one yourself - perhaps in partnership with a local organization, or your professional association? To learn more about how to organize a 16G workshop you can read about hosting a workshop.
Please note that the cost, schedule and other aspects of a Level 1 workshop may vary, depending on the facilitator, location, and organizer.

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