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When we dream alone - we dream.
When we dream together
we wake up

Dreamers' Home

Dreamers’ Home (NGO) was founded in April 2018 out of a firm belief in the healing power of compassion and with deep conviction that when healing takes place, dreaming can also occur (in Hebrew, the roots of the words 'compassion,' 'healing,' and 'dreaming' consist of the same letters).

The organization works in spiritual and social areas with the aim to rebuild social solidarity. Through combining Western and Eastern philosophies and practices with innovative, professional activism models developed by Dreamers’ Home, the organization works to assist weakened populations in the fields of education, welfare and health.

Dreamers’ Home enables entrepreneurs to realize dreams that adhere to its specified goals:

To promote constructive dialogue and discourse between different belief-systems.

To establish a network of 'Dreamers’ Homes: spiritual centers for mind-body recovery and healing

To actively cultivate a culture of compassion and non-violence

To educate for a healthy way of life and the preservation of the environment.

To strive for the advancement of Social Justice and the protection of Democratic values and Human Rights.

Two principal initiatives that reflect the spirit of our goals are:

Magic Movement

Assistance Communities for Transformation

School for Compassionate Activism

Because dreams are there to be fulfilled



Council for Internal and World Peace

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