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Aspiration is the profound longing for purpose and fulfillment, joy and happiness, which lies deep – and sometimes buried – in our hearts, and in the heart of every living being. It is the voice inside that urges us to use our life well and to make the best of whatever gifts and passions we possess. The way we choose to respond to that voice will determine all the choices we make in our lives.

Simply to read this page is to aspire. Aspiration is the fuel of change. It feeds on our hope that life could be better or more meaningful, and our willingness to do something differently to make this happen. It is a call to action.

Everyone aspires to be happy, and it is a natural human quality to include others in this aspiration. We want our family and friends to be prosperous and content. We want homeless people to find shelter, hungry people to have food, sick people to have medicine. We want the world to be at peace.

The happiest and most contented people are usually those who have found a way to put their aspirations for self and others into practice, and have thereby played an active part in creating a better world. This is a common characteristic of all the role models featured in this website. Their life stories may seem daunting and out of reach. In hindsight they are towering figures. Yet everything they did consisted of small choices and steps, many of which are possible for anyone.

What can we do to turn our aspirations into reality? How can we taste and realize our unique potential as human beings? 


To seek a fulfilling way of life that avoids harm

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The benefits of


  • Channel our time and energy in a way that brings meaning and satisfaction

  • Help us do things differently and play an active part in creating a better world

  • Connect us with like-minded people and helpful guidance that will help us realize our dreams

Did you know?

Based on fMRI scans on the brain, a recent study found that sports or life coaching that emphasizes compassion for an individual's aspirations and dreams enhances behavioral change. It also activates parts of the brain that increase global visual processing – meaning you can visualize goals better.

On a separate study, researchers at King’s College London concluded that girls are less likely than boys to aspire to science careers even though a higher percentage of girls than boys rate science as their favorite subject.

‘Keep a green tree in your heart and the singing bird will come.’

Chinese Proverb

‘Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.’

Maori Proverb

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